Amboseli Biosphere Reserve, Kenya

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The Amboseli Biosphere Reserve, which we feature today, is located on the Kenyan side of Mount Kilimanjaro and includes an amazing variety of ecological zones, including dry mountain forest, mountains, savannah rangelands, wetlands and swamps.
Elephants, lions and giraffes make their home in the Amboseli. As a famous safari destination and the protective home of 60 animal species, the reserve is the perfect place to view the Big Five, as well as rarer wildlife species in their natural habitat.

Biosphere reserves are meant as places where humans can learn how to coexist with nature and the environment. Aside from protecting natural environments, biosphere reserves aim to promote international cooperation, reduce conflict and conserve cultural diversity.

Amboseli was designated a UNESCO biosphere reserve in 1980, and was a focus of a UN-sponsored programme to ensure the long-term conservation of biodiversity in the area, partly by including the local population.
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